Digital Initiatives Developer
Skillman 111C

Adam is the lead developer for digital projects and the Lafayette digital repository.  Adam’s professional interests center on open-source community software development.  He actively publishes DSS development work in GitHub, thus connecting the College with the open-source community.  He liaises with the Samvera community to bring the needs and concerns of a liberal arts college library to the national conversation about open-source digital repositories.  His work with the Samvera community means that he is also involved with the various open-source technologies upon which Samvera is built: Fedora, Apache Solr, and Blacklight.  In addition to leading efforts to develop a Samvera-based digital repository framework for the College’s digital assets, Adam partners on DSS research collaborations.  He brings an extensive background in application architecture and user interface design to projects such as the Easton Library Company Database project.