The Lafayette Magazine was first entitled the Lafayette Alumnus and was published from 1930-1974 by the Alumni Association of Lafayette College. The name was changed to the Lafayette Alumni Quarterly in 1974. It was renamed the Lafayette Magazine in 1988, at about the time that the publisher began to be listed as Lafayette College.

In 1971, a second alumni publication containing news stories and class notes began regular publication. This was the Lafayette Alumni News, a tabloid-style, newsprint publication that continued until 2006, when it was reabsorbed by the Lafayette Magazine. For much of the run of the magazine (1939-1966), periodic newsletters reporting on sports—the Football News Letter, the Leopard Letter—were issued and numbered as part of the Lafayette Magazine. All of these related publications have been digitized as part of this project, along with the complete run of the magazine, 1930 to the present.

The digital Lafayette Magazine Archive is available to browse and search within the Lafayette Digital Repository.

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Digitization of the Lafayette Magazine funded by Friends of Skillman Library through a generous gift from Arthur and Barbara Rothkopf.

The Communications Division’s Lafayette Magazine site also provides interactive web versions of recent issues of the publication.