There is a lot more to Google Maps than meets the eye. Join John Clark, DSS’ Data Visualization & GIS Librarian, for a glimpse of what goes on “under the hood” of this online mapping resource and how you can use it to make your own customized maps. Participants will learn how to contribute their own content to a Google Map as well as many other tips and tricks for creating useful and well designed maps with nothing more than a web browser. Windows laptops will be provided for all participants, but feel free to bring your own.

This workshop will be held twice, first on April 1 and then repeated on April 3.

Wednesday, April 1: 12:10 –1:00pm             Skillman Library Room 004

Friday, April 3: 12:10 –1:00pm                      Skillman Library Room 004

Lunch provided. Please RSVP  to John Clark, Data Visualization & GIS Librarian, indicating the date you would like to attend.

For more information about this workshop or on starting a digital project with DSS e-mail, or call (610) 330-5796.