DSS was originally instituted to create and steward digital collections for Lafayette Special Collections & College Archives. Today, DSS retains a focus on digital archives, with emphases in the following areas:

Lafayette College history and institutional identity. DSS undertakes digitization initiatives for Special Collections & College Archives, as well as other campus units.

Faculty and student research data in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences.  DSS offers digitization and research data management consultation to create and curate digital research collections of text files, image files, geospatial data, and other raw materials of digital scholarship.

Community-engaged digital research and pedagogy. DSS collaborates on digital research and pedagogy projects with a regional focus, often with community partners such as the Easton Area Public Library, the Northampton County Historical Society, and the Lehigh Valley Research Network.

Our mission is to partner on digital scholarship projects according to the following criteria:

  • Multidisciplinary interest. We prioritize projects that will benefit multiple areas of the College and add long-term value to the academic program.
  • Alignment with the Lafayette College values of Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Community Engagement.
  • Potential for student involvement through classroom projects and undergraduate research opportunities.
  • A regional focus on Lafayette College and/or the Lehigh Valley.