DSS works closely with faculty and students on project planning, timelines, and sustainability considerations.

Digital Imaging, Metadata Creation, and Document Processing. We create digital text and image files, transform digital files, create descriptive metadata for digital collections, and transcribe digital files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Digital Repository and Infrastructure DevelopmentWe develop and implement the Lafayette College Libraries digital repository framework for faculty publications and digital collections. We deploy and maintain server environments and address security concerns for the digital repository.  

Consultation on Digital Asset Management and Scholarly Web Publishing. We offer information management consultation to help you gain intellectual control over your research materials. We provide support to explore cloud storage options, develop semantic file naming conventions, and articulate  directory structures for digital assets; we also provide consultation on the use of scholarly web publishing platforms such as Omeka and Scalar.

Data Visualization, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and CartographyWe provide consultation in the use of both desktop and web-based GIS. We assist students and faculty in the discovery, acquisition and processing of geospatial data for analysis and visualization. We provide cartography services for faculty publication.

Digital Pedagogy Consultation and SupportWe work with instructors to offer instructional workshops and scaffold digital project components to align with course learning objectives.

Copyright and Reproduction Consultation. We respond to requests for copyright consultation and reproductions from Digital Collections.