What exactly is digital scholarship? In the short video below, Digital Initiatives Librarian Janna Avon offers an overview of what digital scholarship might look like to you as a student completing coursework, as a researcher creating original scholarship, or as a faculty member designing a course.  As Janna explains in the video,

“Digital scholarship is the use of digital materials, tools, and methods to pursue research inquiries. This definition is a very big bucket, and can include things like using software to analyse data, creating visualizations, digitally mapping different types of data, building multimedia digital projects, exhibits, and texts, exploring multimodal digital publishing, digitizing and describing materials, research data management, and media archaeology and forensics. It also includes developing digital literacy, and critically engaging with topics like crowd sourced information on web based platforms, what digital objects are and how they can be verified, preserved, or manipulated, and ethics in the digital ecosystem.”

To connect with a campus community of digital scholarship practitioners and learn about upcoming training opportunities, join the Digital Humanities Community of Practice.  If you are a faculty member seeking digital scholarship and/or teaching support, learn about the DSS Collaborative Support Program.