In anticipation of a Celebration of Black History in Easton, an event supported by the Lehigh Valley Engaged Humanities Consortium, the Morning Call ran a story in the February 26, 2018 issue titled “Passion, Energy of Easton’s Black Community Over Last 50 years to be Celebrated This Week.”

The article features a quote from DSS Director Charlotte Nunes on the importance of inclusive archival collections:

An image of four women in formal dress, seated in a car

An image of the NAACP Queen and her court, provided for the LVEHC Digital Archive by Marvin Boyer, leading member of the NAACP-Easton branch

“Building archival collections is important for the visibility of ethnic communities, Nunes said. ‘If a community’s history doesn’t have documentation in an archive, it’s harder to conduct research and ensure representation of that community in the historical record,’ she said. ‘The LVEHC aims to raise the visibility of communities, narratives and histories that have not always traditionally been centered in archival collections at academic libraries, public libraries and cultural institutions.'”

DSS will play a leading role in planning for an LVEHC Digital Archive slated to launch in early 2019.  Check back here for updates.