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Landing page of the Queer Archives Project digital humanities site

The Queer Archives Project at Lafayette College is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative designed to illuminate Lafayette’s Queer history, advance teaching, learning, and research in the area of Queer Studies, and promote positive institutional transformation.  On the QAP informational site, visitors can read more about the history of the Queer Archives Project, access all LGBTQ+ oral history interview transcripts to date, and learn how to support the project.  On the QAP digital humanities site, visitors can explore a curated selection of Queer Archives Project oral history interviews accompanied by themes, keywords, archival artifacts, and interpretive research.

Recently, the Queer Archives Project has made headlines in multiple news sources.

Pennsylvanian College LGBT Archive Project Shows Signs of Progress” by Morri Sampey, The Vermillion, November 2019

Queer Archives Project Launches, Raises Awareness of College’s LGBTQ History“by Kathleen Parrish, The Lafayette News, May 2019

Lafayette College Faced Its Antigay Past by Saving Its LGBTQ History” by Mary A. Armstrong, The Advocate, May 2019

Coming Out at Lafayette College” by Kathleen Parrish, Private University Products and News, January 2019