In 2022, the Lafayette Digital Repository received nearly 66,000 pageviews, with users hailing from 139 different countries around the world.   Of the more than 2,100 scholarly works by current and former Lafayette faculty in the LDR, the most-viewed in 2022 were:

  1. Armstrong, Mary. (2011) “Small world: Crafting an inclusive classroom (no matter what you teach).”  Thought & Action.
  2. Cefalu, Paul A. (2013) “The burdens of mind reading in Shakespeare’s Othello: A cognitive and psychoanalytic approach to Iago’s theory of mind.” Shakespeare Quarterly.
  3. Kelly, Michael A., Clark, S. P. (2011) “Returns in trading versus non-trading hours: The difference is day and night.” Journal of Asset Management.
  4. Smith, I. D. (2016) “We are Othello: Speaking of race in early modern studies.” Shakespeare Quarterly 67 (1): 104-124.
  5. Cefalu, P. A. (2000) “‘The end of absolutism’: Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and the consensual nature of the early modern state.” Renaissance Forum 4 (2): <>.

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