#LafAtLarge is a game! Use these cards to play and win prizes!

Game Cards:

How to play:

  • Complete squares on your bingo card(s) by taking photographs of elements on the card as you encounter them in your own city, town, or region.
  • Submit completed cards either through this form or by posting the photographs to social media using the #LafAtLarge tag to be entered into a raffle.
  • To enter a weekly raffle, complete 1 row in that week’s card. Each weekly raffle can only be entered once, and each weekly raffle entry counts as an entry into the Grand Prize raffle.
  • For additional entries into the Grand Prize raffle, complete cards from multiple weeks, or complete different shapes on your cards.

Here are the full details for entries:

  • 1 completed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row: 1 entry into the weekly draw for that card, and 1 entry grand prize draw.
  • 1 completed X through the card: 1 entry weekly draw, 3 entries grand prize draw
  • 1 completed outer square border of the card: 1 entry weekly draw, 5 entries grand prize draw
  • 1 fully completed card: 1 entry weekly draw, 10 entries grand prize draw.
  • If you’ve missed the weekly draw for a particular card, you can still use that card to enter the grand prize draw.