The Lafayette College Libraries support your scanning and digitization needs through self-service equipment and specialized services.

If you are scanning materials for personal use/study, self-service digitization equipment is available, and can be used in Skillman Library. 

Many library computer stations are equipped with flatbed scanners, which can be used for unbound materials such as loose paper or photographs. These scanners save to the computer, and you can then save them to a USB or upload them to Google Drive.

The Scannix BookEdge is located in Skillman Library’s copy room, and is best for scanning material from bound books. It is touchscreen operated, and will send the file to an email address, a smartphone, a USB, or Google Drive

Document cameras and slide scanners are also available for limited use check-out through the Skillman Library circulation desk. 

Please be mindful of copyright restrictions when copying published materials. Here is a guide to help answer any copyright questions you may have.

Technical Specifications

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Digitization for Courses

If you are looking to digitize a substantial portion of a work, or to distribute digitized materials to students as part of your course readings, please consult with a reference librarian.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance with self-service equipment, contact [Mike Oliver]

Interlibrary Loan Digital Document Delivery

If you require digital document delivery of Interlibrary Loan materials, contact ILL for assistance.

Special Collections and College Archives (SC&CA) materials

If you wish to digitize Special Collections and College Archives (SC&CA) materials, contact SC&CA for assistance. SC&CA’s Copyright, Reproduction & Use Policies.

Publication, Digital Collections, Oversized, Other

If you are preparing materials for print publication, building a digital collection or archive, working with oversized materials, or would like advice on how to complete your digitization project, please contact Digital Scholarship Services for a consultation.