Project partners
James Woolley, Frank Lee and Edna M. Smith Professor Emeritus
Stephen Karian, Associate Professor of English, University of Missouri
Paul Miller, Visual Resource Curator, through June 2017
James Griffin, Co-Director of Digital Scholarship Services, through June 2017
Eric Luhrs, Director of Digital Scholarship Services, through October 2016

Portrait of Jonathan Swift

Project description
The Swift Poems Project is an effort to electronically transcribe, collate, and create an open access web archive of the verse canon of the Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745).  In 2012, Dr. Woolley was awarded a three-year National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant to edit the poems of the 18th century Irish writer Jonathan Swift.  Subsequently, DSS staff members worked with Dr. Woolley to convert edited texts to TEI format and develop repository infrastructure to support future editing, collation, and access.  The Swift Poems Project currently seeks collaborators to continue developing the digital edition to accompany a print edition of Swift’s poems, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.  Potential collaborators should contact Dr. Woolley ( and Dr. Karian (  Explore the codebase for the project on GitHub.