Project partners
The Queer Archives Project is a collaboration among Women’s & Gender Studies, Digital Scholarship Services, and Special Collections & College Archives.  See the complete project team here.

A quilt consisting of multicolored squares of fabric

A quilt created in honor of Lafayette’s first female students, featured in the Queer Archives Project

Project description
The Queer Archives Project at Lafayette College is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative designed to illuminate Lafayette’s Queer history, advance teaching, learning and research in the area of Queer Studies, and promote positive institutional transformation. Under the leadership of DSS Director Charlotte Nunes and QAP faculty director Mary A. Armstrong, the QAP team launched a digital humanities project that integrates oral histories, archival materials, and undergraduate interpretive research on Queer histories at Lafayette College.  Built on the open-source software Scalar, the project features contents that are heavily networked and interconnected across the site.  Given Scalar’s multi-nodal, non-linear format, it is an appropriate platform for the QAP DH project, which approaches history-building critically and iteratively.

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