Project Leaders

  • General Editor : Paul D. Barclay (website), Associate Professor of History, Lafayette College
    Responsible for acquisitions, metadata design, coordination, research, and cross-referencing
  • Project Developers: Anna Malantonio, Digital Library Developer, and Nora Zimmerman, Digital Archivist & Repository Librarian
    Responsible for data migration and management of Samvera digital repository
  • Project Administrator : Charlotte Nunes, Director of Digital Scholarship Services
    Responsible for operations, project management, and outreach
  • Former Project Developers : Eric Luhrs, responsible for digitization and technical design; James R. Griffin III, responsible for Islandora development, digital infrastructure, and project management

Collaborating Scholars

  • Kishi Toshihiko, Professor of History, Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University.
  • Sepp Linhart, Professor Emeritus, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna.
  • Michaela Kelly, Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow, Lafayette College.
  • Seo-Hyun Park, Assistant Professor of Government and Law, Lafayette College.
  • Paul R. Katz, Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taiwan.
  • Ui-ti Tan, Doctoral Candidate, New York University.
  • Ying-fen Wang, Associate Professor & Head of Graduate Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University.
  • Nicolas Grevot, Curator, Yang-Grevot Collection, Taipei, Taiwan.

Lafayette Collaborators

  • Paul Miller, Visual Resources Curator (Color Correction, Photography, Reproduction, All-around Lifesaver)
  • Diane Shaw, Director of Special Collections (Acquisition, Preservation)
  • Elaine Stomber, College Archivist  (Acquisition, Preservation)
  • Pam Murray, Project Archivist (Research Assistance)
  • Janna Avon, Digital Initiatives Librarian (Digitization Assistance)
  • Thomas Goodnow, former Integrated Technologies Librarian (User Experience Design)
  • Jonathan Dever, Class of 2013 (Research, Digitization, Metadata)
  • Keith Faust, Library Assistant (Digitization Assistance)
  • Li Guo, Class of 2015 (Research, Metadata, Chinese-Language input)
  • Long Ho, Class of 2010 (Programming)
  • Kyeun Hyeunkoo, Waseda University-Lafayette Exchange Student (Japanese-Language input, Translation, Research)
  • Naoko Ikegami, Japanese Language Instructor (Japanese-Language Consultant and Text Input)
  • Emanuel Santa-Donato, Class of 2010 (Translation, Research, Japanese-Language Input, Digitization Assistance)
  • Ashutosh Tamrakar, Class of 2012 (Color Correction, Research Assistance)
  • Anne Warner (Research)
  • Elizabeth Warner (Research)
  • Lijuan Xu (Research, Chinese-Language Advisor)
  • Haruki Yamaguchi, Class of 2011 (Programming)


  • Anne and Elizabeth Warner, Donors of Gerald and Rella Warner negatives and slides.
  • Richard Mammana, Donor of Russo-Japanese War stereo view slides and postcards from Japanese homefront
  • Michael Lewis, Generous Loan of Postcards in Michael Lewis Collection
  • Dallas Finn, Donor of Gerald Warner’s postcards and photographs
  • John Shufelt and Lin Shuchin, Generous Loan of Postcards in Lin Chia-feng Family Postcards
  • Andrew Woodsworth, Generous Loan of Postcards in Woodsworth Collection
  • Dr. Michio Suzuki, Contributions of Family History in 1930s Taiwan
  • Daniel Doyle, Donor of Pacific War Postcards

Technical Details

Photographs, postcards, negatives, and slides were scanned as high resolution TIFs (at least 4000 pixels across the long edge). Photographs and Postcards were captured using SilverFast AI 6 software and an Epson 4990 scanner, negatives with SilverFast AI 6.5 and an Epson v700 scanner, and slides with a Nikon 5000D slide scanner. No descreening or post-scan sharpening processes were used. Master images were converted to JPEG2000 for online display, and to JPEG for download.