For all new digital projects, extensions of existing digital projects, and new digitization initiatives, DSS undertakes a Scope of Work conversation including all project stakeholders.

We use this straightforward Scope of Work form to structure a conversation including everyone who will contribute time to the project or initiative.  As part of the conversation, we discuss project benchmarks:

  • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Project Building
  • Project Release
  • Project Maintenance
  • Project Sundowning

We also discuss a basic data management plan with these questions for consideration:

  • During Data Collection and Preparation and Project Building, will project files be stored on personal hard drives, in shared Google folders, on a local server, or in a combination of locations?
  • During Project Release and Project Maintenance, will any project components live in the Lafayette digital repository?
  • During Project Sundowning, can/should the project and/or the project data be preserved in a static state?  Should it live in the Lafayette digital repository, in an open-access digital repository, or in another form of personal or shared long-term storage?